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Volunteers for Israel is a project sponsored by Israel State to bring to Israel 1500 volunteers, and is based on partnership between:

Working as a Volunteer


Volunteer Positions:

  • There are a variety of volunteer positions within more than 150 public residential institutions serving:
    • the elderly
    • children
    • people with physical and mental disabilities
    • autistic children and adults
    • Holocaust survivors
    • others


  • Come Visit the beautiful Israel, learn about the amazing Culture and Volunteer with people in need! You get a once in a lifetime opportunity to bless and be blessed!


  • it is important to list on the application form the kind of institution you would prefer for your volunteer placement, in order of preference, and we will do our best to arrange placement accordingly.
  • Minimum period of volunteer service is three months, and can be up to 1 year or more. Visa Extension is an option and is available if requirements are met.

Benefits Included


Volunteers are provided with:

  1. Adequate sleeping quarters
  2. Three meals a day
  3. Cost of transportation from lodging to institution
  4. Facilities for laundry
  5. Pocket money (stipend) in the sum of NIS 600 per month
  6. Cost of a volunteer B4 visa from the Ministry of the Interior
  7. Possible option for Hebrew language studies, either within the institution or outside
  8. Arranged “Fun Cultural Outing Days”


  • As a volunteer you will get a period of three days after arrival to settle in before beginning to work.
  • As a volunteer you will be expected to work no less, and no more than five days a week, a total of 35 hours per week.
  • You will get 2 days off, once a week.
  • We will be enabled to take two weeks of vacation for every six months of continuous service.
  • We will be enabled, where possible, to participate in three local or regional seminars, as well as field trips, social gatherings of the institution and its staff, appropriate lectures and community events, in addition to the vacation time, due to the required work completion.
  • You will be PROVIDED with a CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE on the successful completion of the period of voluntary work.

Three-Step Process

1. All you will NEED is:

  • To be between 18 and 70 years old
  • Get to Israel on your own (purchase your own ticket) and arrive at designated Institute.
  • Have medical “Health Insurance” from YOUR country + in addition Doctors “Health Certificate”.
  • Criminal Record Check Certificate from your country – “Honors Report”, MUST BE Original, including an “Apostille Stamp” (authentication for international acceptance of notarized documents).

2. MUST Read ALL the following Explanatory Documents:

  • Obligations of Volunteers Document
  • Obligations of Institutions receiving overseas volunteers Document
  • Regulations for Organizations Sending Volunteers from Abroad to Israel

 go to => Explanatory MUST READ Documents

 3. Application:

Note: You MAY apply while still working on gathering the required docs (heath insurance, health certificate, Honors Report).


1. After Submitting an Application, 

  • You will receive either a letter of acceptance or denial

2. Before Arriving to Israel, you MUST SUBMIT ALL the Required Documents

  • Proof of heath insurance
  • Doctors “Health Certificate”
  • Honors Report
  • References/Recommendation letters

3. You MUST Arrive to Israel with ALL the Required Documents

  • Invitation / Acceptance Letter to come to Israel as volunteer, provided by HHC (Must have at boarder control in Airport)
  • Valid passport
  • 6 Passport photos
  • Heath insurance + Doctors “Health Certificate”
  • Honors Report

Fill out Online Application Form