Helping Hand Coalition | Faces of the Survivors: Zhenya
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Faces of the Survivors: Zhenya

Sacrificing for Survival, Zhenya’s Story


As we prepare our hearts to commemorate the worst event in history, what better way than to read the stories of the Holocaust survivors themselves. In a never-been-done-before series, you will get to know some of the beautiful and heroic people that inspire us day-to-day.

Zhenya came from a family of 6 children and lived a simple life on a farm. Yet, in 1941, her life changed forever. Nazis moved into their home, and they were forced to escape for their lives. They were captured by the Romanians and transported to a ghetto.

Today, she is a woman of hope and love. While she battles an incurable cancer, she dedicates her life to helping other Holocaust survivors like herself. Read her story, and find out what made her who she is.

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